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    A little tavern talk


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    A little tavern talk

    Post by Etheldria on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:37 pm

    Skur: "The ebbs and tides of the flow surge high at irregular intervals. Natural and artificial forces cause this. These surges are when new people are being forced into this new land. We just experienced the 1st resurgence."

    Etheldria: "It was a most inconvenient time."

    Skur: "Of the twenty-four originals only seven remain. Rildmore a Human, Valor a Human, Silas a Human, Flint an Elf, Flanagan the Hobgoblin, you Etheldria a Dryad and myself Skur a Slipid"

    Etheldria: "You have impeccable note taking skills. I find that quiet disturbing."

    Skur: "Yes, thanks. But to recap, our ritual to send some of us along the web from the original cleansed stone to the next closest stone was an odd success."

    Etheldria: "That was due primarily to Rildmore's knowledge of the land. The three others were new and just came in the resurgence. How oddly trusting they were."

    Skur: "The look on the one’s face when you banished the others into the web was priceless."

    Etheldria: "I love my job."

    Skur: "Getting a spine from the gilly monster was not too difficult with eight of us. The archers were especially helpful."

    Etheldria: "I liked that we had a healer with us. It was also good that she came with us to cleanse the next stone"

    Skur: "You mean Selwin the Elf.
    Now being bolted with magic repeatedly to force the stone into phase was quiet painful and took almost all of my energy.

    Etheldria: "I'm glad I hid in a tree. So what happened while I was researching about the black corruption?"

    Skur: "Well, while you were researching I figured I would take a bunch of the people and try to find one of those fire insects so I could harvest its fire glad. This I could utilize in a fire ritual I am thinking of performing. Wave after wave of insects were coming from one area and we kept advancing on what appeared to be a nest. Those bugs are tough. Well with only one spell left and several charging straight at me, I used my earthquake spell to knock them down so I could get away. I think that spell loosened some more dirt revealing steps leading into the ground.
    Knowing that this area used to be a dwarven mining community, I can only assume that this was an entrance to a dwarven structure. In the tunnel was some sort of preserved animate corpse who gestured for us to leave. The Hit Squad quickly dispatched the abomination. The tunnel ended in a room with a magical barrier, some writing on the walls in a language none of us could decipher, some notes written in the common language and some glass containers. The writing in common mentioned a process utilizing a part of a bear, a part of a coyote and a part of an insect to make a dye. Several people went out to harvest such components in case we would need them later. Other took etchings of the writings on the wall and went back to the tavern to try to decipher. This is where I brought you to the group with the plague elves who were trying to decipher the writings; as I know you like puzzles."

    Etheldria: "That was fun, I enjoy puzzles. I have questions for you later about this Hit Squad. But for now please continue."

    Skur: "The table around you and the plague elves seemed crowded so I went into the other room and saw Flanagan and a few others deciphering the same code so I decided to help him. We really should have had a runner between the two groups so we could accomplish this translation faster.
    All groups seemed to converge at the entrance of the tunnel and a very chaotic meeting took place discussing what we should do and not due and why. In retrospect, we should have done both tasks at the same time with splitting all the available people. The two things to do were open the portal through the process with the dye or go back to the corrupted stone and cleanse it. This left all of us in one of three groups. The first group wanted to go to the stone and try to cleanse it again, the second group wanted to open the door way and the third group just wanted to hit stuff. This later group started to refer to themselves as the Hit Squad lead by Valor the Human.
    A vote was formed by a few and the majority was to go cleanse the rock. Some took this to mean that everybody must do this and some took this to mean that the ones who wanted to do that should go do that. More arguing and threats were made to kill those not going to the rock. In order not to have a war right there amongst ourselves, the entire group went to the rock to try to cleanse it again. More corruption beast, more being bolted by magic and it was then concluded that this would not work.
    We all went back to the tunnel and some confusion happened on who had all the parts. Close to an hour later, all parts were at the tunnel and the process began.
    I walked in on them tapping the glass like chimes and reciting an incantation. This made the barrier weaken and shimmer. After this, only beings who could wield magic were allowed past the barrier. On the other side of the barrier were three fountains, which were flowing with energy from the flow. There was also a bottle on the ground. Several attempts were made to cast spells on the fountains and use the gilly spine to cleanse the flow. Each attempt brought the dimensional being out of this fountain. Later I found out that when the creature was attacking us at the fountain the corrupted stone was physical and could be cleansed if only we would have split up. Through trial and a lot of error, we cleansed the fountain and banished the corruption being.
    After this a group went back to the corrupted rock and now being physical cleansed the second stone."

    Rildmore: "The bottle most likely contained a demon, when we picked it up the cork fell off, and the Eldritch writing with the bottle said something about 'He was sealed away only by a simple cork and our power.' At the time, only the demonologists knew about the bottle, so as not to alarm the people in combat. As is, most people still don’t know about it though."

    Etheldria: "We do now. Strangely I'm not alarmed."

    Skur: "Wow, I guess if you need any help with that Rildmore you will let us know."

    Rildmore: "I will let you know what I find, judging from how it has hidden even past the barrier I have a sinking feeling of dread on this one. We just let out yet another variable in this new world. Between with the Sleeper, the corruption, the master, and now this on our hands it looks like I have a lot of work on my plate. Greater forces have taken notice in the change of power here, so I thank you for your support."

    Etheldria: "The master, you mean Anasari?"

    Rildmore: "Yes, the one from the visions."

    Skur: "And thank you for helping me move the elemental fountain out of the tunnel and closer to the tavern. Unfortunately, the other two fountains are now buried after the cave in.
    The dimensional being behind the corruption has gotten wise to our methods of cleansing the stones and we will probably need to come up with new methods each time for each of the six stones. Having two of the stones cleanses is a good start."

    Etheldria:" Which reminds me, I need some paint."

    Skur: "Shhhhh, someone’s listening they don't need to know about the paint!"

    (Disclaimer: This is just the rantings of a few characters in game. Our observations and conclusions may or may not be correct)

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