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    September 2013 Event Highlights


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    September 2013 Event Highlights

    Post by Tybalt on Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:19 pm

    What, no one started this already??

    Allow me then to pop the Veil Top Ten cherry:

    10 Copious amounts of delicious food--thank you again to all contributors!
    9 Edwards blood rages...especially the one right before dinner time.
    8 The humans I hate. I know you guys are awesome IRL, which makes your deplorable characters not only acceptable, but great in the dynamic they add.
    7 Having to hit on nearly all of the girlfriends of the guys in my room Friday night before bed. Thanks for not psycho-murdering me, fellas.
    6 Team Badass, and the RP done therein. We would have pwned those falling acorns...
    5 The continued hope of finding Exodia's left leg in the woods...
    4 Getting to roleplay being a weak and feeble character--a complete break away from my norm. And while the picking on my poor elf was tolerated and justified, just to let all of those who participated know: there is a big black bird that's going to remember that in a week or two...
    3 Dissension among the townfolk: I missed a lot of it due to NPC shift, but the tension was palpable, and made for great RP
    2 Fighting the George monster at main mod Sat: epic battle (for a relatively non-combat character...couldn't help but keep thinking of how Atty would own that chump!)
    1 By far the most frightening thing you can ever hear as a spoken by Staff at a main mod: "George...."

    Excellent first "official" event Staff! Can't wait for the next...all of them.

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    Re: September 2013 Event Highlights

    Post by Rhiannon on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:57 pm

    First of all, a HUGE Thank you to everyone who came out to support the larping community, Staff and PC's included!

    10. Watching the game unfold, characters with a wide variety of races that many of the characters have never encountered, and watching their reactions.
    9. All of the food! thanks everyone! Next event there shall be MORE!
    8. Watching Zach/Edward rp. Really dude, your awesome.
    7. Playing a character completely out of my element, it was fun playing a bad ass!
    6. Speaking of badass.. Team Badass! Yes.. the.. blood(?) of those acorns shall be spilled!
    5. Getting to help take down the main mod boss.. with someone who doesn't swing swords.. *cough* Tibs *cough* (Bring on the black bird!)
    AND Ron getting smacked in the face..
    4. The camp.. is awesome!! Very Happy
    3. Bickering with my in game sister, it was mega fun!
    2. Everyone pretty much keeping it all in game!
    1.Saturday night.. searching for things to kill.

    Is it Veil time yet!?

    Re: September 2013 Event Highlights

    Post by Guest on Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:17 pm

    Yet another great weekend!

    My Highlights:

    1)Playing a Fate Seer. It has to be the coolest class i have played! (Thanks Chuck)

    2)Using my Tarot cards to tell a few of the PC's future. It was fun to do, especially since i actually made some coin off of it. Wink

    3)Assisting with a swamp adventure. Glad to heal those who needed it.

    4)Actually witnessing a near "civil war" happen with the PCs as they could not come up with a proper strategy. It was interesting to say the least.

    5)The Hit Squad! Nuff said!

    6)Being part of the solution to purify the fountains.

    7)It was HILARIOUS (though my character wasn't thrilled lol) to hear Chuck play mob boss and have him call George like a bouncer to beat on us when we screwed up the puzzle that was the 3 fountains.

    8)The storyline overall as i see character reacting to races that they had never seen before. It was good to see.

    9)Meeting cool new people and actually running into a guy who remembered me from a looooong time ago from another LARP.

    10)The Bar Wenches. It was good to see my friends at the camp RPing a bit.

    Looking forward to being there next month!!!!

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    Re: September 2013 Event Highlights

    Post by Reima on Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:05 pm

    Tybalt wrote:
    5 The continued hope of finding Exodia's left leg in the woods...
    (In which a Bethany/Isaera/Reima crawls out of the woodwork to check out how the game's doing, only to see this.  Now that I've recovered from the laughing fit, I'm suddenly really happy that I'll be playing a Fate Seer.)

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    Re: September 2013 Event Highlights

    Post by Tybalt on Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:28 pm

    Congrats on passing the "Are You Cool Enough To Be A Fate Seer" test. It's far you're only the second one to get a passing grade. By the way, question #31 is B.

    And fair warning: yes, I will push you out of the way to get to a Major Arcana first.

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    Re: September 2013 Event Highlights

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