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    Service Point Central


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    Service Point Central

    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:26 pm

    he following service point projects are currently open...

    Beyond the Veil Logo (1) - Value (1000 SP +)

    Every Player who submits an original design to become the Official Beyond the Veil Logo, will receive 100 Service Points. If one of the submitted entries is selected by Staff vote, the Winning design's creator will receive 1 Gold piece, 1000 Service Points and a Tee-shirt bearing the Winning Logo. The entries must be completed, camera ready, works. While digital format is preferred but not mandatory. The winning design would become property of Beyond the Veil. If you have any questions, contact staff.

    Carving Pumpkins (4) - Value (75) +(25)

    First 4 pumpkins large enough to carve will get 100 Sp. All others will get 75Sp for pumpkins large enough to carve, Volley ball size or bigger. (1 per person)

    Tabards (1) - value (100)

    Every player who donates a machine stitched tabard with head hole, open sides, hemmed, will receive 100 Sp per Tabard. Preferred colors are, in order of importance: Dark Green, Brown, Black, Maroon, White, Blue, Red, other.

    Camp Set-up & Clean-up (c) - Value 50

    While every player is responsible for cleaning their personal sleeping area, players who volunteer for camp set-up or clean-up before Opening Ceremonies or after Closing Ceremonies, will each receive 50 Service points for each Set-up or Clean-up they participate in.

    Creature Masks (c) - Value Variable

    Every Player that donates a foam or rubber latex mask, that is usable and in fair condition, can earn any number of Service Points for their donation. Service Point rewards will be determined by the Monster Marshal and shall be based upon coolness, condition, quantity, and need. (Multiples are more useful than singles for creating new monsters.)

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