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    Feb 2014 event highlights

    Coal Stonebeard

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    Feb 2014 event highlights

    Post by Coal Stonebeard on Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:58 pm

    First off just a thanks to staff for an awesome guys are awesome!!
    1. But it's my pillow. 4 damage 4 damage... zack you are awesome! I cant wait to fight Zarheim together!!
    2. As always being a stonebeard!! Everyone in town is gonna be an honorary stonebeards soon
    3. Freezing to death.. its actually pretty hard to rp being cold
    4. A.j's ancestrial in one word..hilarious
    5. What did u spend ur experience on Ron? This bracer and this sword. Lol
    6. Ed and the stonebeards taking a magic eater.
    7. Hector playing king of the hill.
    8. Main mod with king cold and the cave systems was pretty amazing. Totally worth all the work that went Into it.
    9. Playing bull shalakanaka is way better than rummy with my brothers
    10. Just the entire event was awesome thanks to everyone that I got to rp which I hope was everyone and cant wait to see everyone next month

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