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    strength +?

    Coal Stonebeard

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    strength +? Empty strength +?

    Post by Coal Stonebeard on Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:59 pm

    I know that everyone comes in with strength of 0 also that 2 people with strength of 0 have a strength of 0 and that you may not spend your experience on strength +1 multiple times and receive strength +2 due to there being a specific skill for strength +2.. my question is how does strength work when multiple people have it ( ex. Three people with strength +1 hold down someone with strength +2? ) also what are the effects of the skill strength rush( character with this skill receives +1 strength for one minute. This grants an additional point of damage with all melee weapons or the ability to perform one feat of strength ) on a character who has strength +1

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    strength +? Empty Strength clarifications

    Post by Admin on Tue May 13, 2014 7:44 am

    OK so first off let's clarify that there is a strength X and a strength +Y. So X is base & for most that base is 0. +Y is the highest + modifier in situation. If you have a strength of 0 and receive a +1 your strength is 1. If you were to obtain another +1 your strength is still only at 1. +Ys modify your Base. Not your current. If you have a base of 0 & a bonus of +1 and then receive a +3...Your strength is 3 not 4. You always take the highest modifier, don't stack them.

    Getting all this?

    As far as individual vs tests work, the highest number wins. It's that simple. A 3 beats two 2s. The Game Marshals will modify this during certain encounters as they see fit. Perhaps, five 1s can hold a door closed against a 6. But that'll all be marshaled in game.

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