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    Torvin's Trinkets and Treasures

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    Torvin's Trinkets and Treasures Empty Torvin's Trinkets and Treasures

    Post by George Shonk on Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:08 pm

    Torvin's Trinkets and Treasures

    You... Yes you. Come over here a minute and lend me your attention. I have travelled these lands for a lifetime or two, and have seen wonders the likes of which may never be seen again. I have heard magics spoke that have been long forgotten by most. I have held relics the likes of which mortals should never know. Do I have your attention yet. Then please, step inside and have a seat. You won't believe the treaaashaaahs I have to show you.

    (Torvin's Trinkets and Treasures is an Out of Game shop available to players on Fridays up until Lay On is called. All items will be purchased with Service Points. Magical items are on a first come first served basis. )

    Magical Defenses

    20 Service Points
    35 Service Points
    50 Service Points
    35 Service Points

    Event Temporary Healable Body

    Blood Knights, Dragoons, and Sentinels: Can Purchase up to 4 body.
    25 Service Points for Every 1 Body

    Demonologists, Guardians, Rogues, and Rune Blades: Can purchase up to 3 body.
    25 Service Points for Every 1 Body

    Ancestrals, Druids, Elementalists, Fate Seers, and Sorcerers: Can purchase up to 2 Body.
    Hey, it's not my fault that your so frail.
    30 Service Points for Every 1 Body


    Extra spell slot (Max of 3)
    15 Service Points per level of the slot

    Charm of Knowledge:
    50 Service Points
    Allows you to cast a spell you don't know for the weekend.
    (must be a spell that's available to your class. You supply the charm.)

    Callahan's Charm of Knowledge
    75 Service Points
    Allows you to cast a spell 1 level higher then you normally can for the weekend.
    (must be a spell that's available to your class.You supply the charm.)


    Mithril Charm of Weaponry
    200 Service Pointes

    Yes, you read right, that does say Mithril, as in the metal. I can enchant your weapon to be Mithril for an entire weekend. Think of the glory that you can win with such a weapon. Remember, a Mithril weapon, can hold an extra rune as well as being un-shatterable for the entire weekend. Serious Inquiries only please!!!

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