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    november 2014 best moments and memories

    Coal Stonebeard

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    november 2014 best moments and memories Empty november 2014 best moments and memories

    Post by Coal Stonebeard on Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:42 pm

    first off a big thank you to staff for putting on yet another amazing event. A special thanks to all the pc's and npc's who make every second of beyond the veil an amazing and unique experience that never fails to leave me sore and wanting more.
    - i loved every second with Splinter.. Flynn who?
    - Breaking limbs! (This is why we don't have nice things)
    - the chanter fate seer who helped up figure out Leary(Larry) is the good part of the sleeper
    - talking to the fey and getting to ask whatever we want.
    - bounty hunting and Charles the 82nd
    - bread crumbs and the certainty that they were ate by War stone
    - walking up to the fire ring and flowers begin to fall out of mid air
    - the ensuing mod to get the pictures for Azaala. which involved flint puking a lot and us all having to hurt ourselves to show we hated ourselves to leave and splinter insisting he would just stay there because he didn't hate himself
    - town getting robbed. again. me and Yuri running the direction they went for a few seconds and deciding we didn't care because we tell everyone not to leave your stuff lying around
    - flint dueling the Rock Jaw even though it turned out to be a draw. at least there is decent fighters guarding the stones.
    - the entire encounter at the pumpkin patch.. from the great pumpkin(b.o.b.) throwing himself 30 ft to Splinter asking Azaala how b.o.b. liked his pancakes and to talk to the person responsible for the seasons
    - fighting/meeting Yorg and bringing him back to town. within an hour the town wanted to adopt him.. Niko made the most convincing 9 year old rouge of badassery .. i truly hope he comes back to town soon and often
    - the entire demon encounter was amazing and unexpected.. the last time i hesitate to cut someone down lol.. amazing job on the part of npc's that played us like fools. i loved the rp with toms demon on the porch
    - the entire scenario with the dwarven guards and trying to duel both Katharin and the dwarven guard.
    - fairies? no just human whores..and antics that ranged from slave trading and theft to hide and seek till dawn
    - all the other random things that made me laugh my beard off that i could list for hours on end
    once again a big thanks to all the staff and players who make the events so amazing and memorable.looking forward to seeing everyone in January and what i'm sure what will be an even better event.


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    november 2014 best moments and memories Empty Re: november 2014 best moments and memories

    Post by ninonybox on Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:02 am

    - The terrifying demons, making me hide in a hole.
    - Splinter "Flynns dead"
    - The legalization of Sodomy.
    - Plant being pretty damn badass
    - Hide and seek
    - My new Blackthorn emblem (Thanks Ashley!)
    - Nash's personal mod (and the unsettling accuracy in which the NPCs are able to speak exactly like Josh.)
    - Cuddles with Yuri as Carl
    - The mistaken identity of the Human whores.....lots of fleeing this game.

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