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    Pin and Learned Skills and Other Stabby-ness for Rogues


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    Pin and Learned Skills and Other Stabby-ness for Rogues Empty Pin and Learned Skills and Other Stabby-ness for Rogues

    Post by Hendenicholas on Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:30 am

    I find the idea of an in-game learned skill rather interesting, especially given the complications for rogues and those whose skill set is focused on shadows and manipulation of those around them.

    If there is a current In-Game teacher for rogue skills, I'd be happy to inquire or to listen in more on other subjects' in-game teachers to get a hint that they can instruct me further but my experience at the last few months' larps has led me to believe otherwise. According to the rules, an in-game class's advanced skill "must be learned In-Game from a teacher. You must role-play with your teacher to understand the skill being taught. There is no time limits on how long or short these teaching sessions must be. When the teacher feels the session is completed, they will write the skill on your card and initialize it's validity. That skill will become usable by your character during the next event." For a secretive class like rogue, how long could a skill be practiced in-game to show proficiency and ability to further develop their skills?

    For skills like those from the ranged class which were chosen by rogues, would being able to show physical abilities in that area make the cut? For example, if someone had "pin" from the "ranged" list, they would be able to shoot or throw their weapon from a distance and ensure their target was pinned to a nearby surface, using their tagged skill. This would show an ability to use a thrown or fired projectile with sufficient skill or force to pin a limb to "the closest item next to him, be it the floor, a tree, or a wall. The thrown weapon or arrow essentially sticks his hand or foot to object" (for five minutes or at the cost of a functioning limb) from a considerable distance. If a rogue who had the required skill were to close to arm's length and were physically able to make a strike at feet, legs, arms, or hands without interference by the subject's weapons, wouldn't that count as an appropriate use without causing the character to use a tagged skill or would grant one additional use of a tagged skill at the risk of disruption from an attack? Such use would cause the striking weapon to be embedded in the floor or wall, preventing it from being used for at least five minutes without concentrated use on the rogue's part.

    For skills that are keyed to the rogue class, it raises the question of how those skills would be practiced or used under a teacher's observation when they are, by nature, at odds with the average player and their "lawful alignment" (sorry, using D&D terminology here). Something like "pick lock" could be practiced under a (currently apparently unavailable) teacher in secret, but wouldn't something like "pick pocket" be practiced through experience while not being caught, leading to use/a use of the skill beyond their current level? If a PC were practiced enough, wouldn't they be able to use their skill more often or at a more advanced level?

    I'm trying to couch my terms in-game (and I'm kinda new to LARPing) so please let me know if my ideas or questions are unclear.

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