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    may 2015 event highlights

    Coal Stonebeard

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    may 2015 event highlights Empty may 2015 event highlights

    Post by Coal Stonebeard on Tue May 26, 2015 7:57 am

    okay i have to start this off with what has become my all time top moment in Larp history...
    Clark and a one legged Coal walking up to the flower mod with two people already dead a third hiding in shadows, Grit deciding to make a mad dash and tackle the flower that ended in him dropping. this led to Coal and Eli to make mad hop around the field to the other side of the flower and ended with coal making a one legged 10-15 ft leap off of a 10 ft hill performing a mid air severe limb on the flower stem killing the beast protecting it and saving my brother from certain death!

    its moments like this that all Larper's live for!!! thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of it, also i don't know your name but sorry for kneeing you in the head in the process.

    also thank you staff for finally giving us the underwater maw fish mod i have been waiting for since i got ate by them. it wont be very hard to convince people to clear out the towns lake now!!!

    awesome event all around. a big round of applause to staff for putting on yet another amazing event and even with being so shorthanded. you guys never cease to amaze. cant wait for June and hopefully another chance from the Fae.

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