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    Archery questions



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    Archery questions

    Post by Lythalion on Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:20 am

    1) What draw do you use for your bow rules?

    2) If I purchase arrows from a well known website that cost about 20 dollars a pop, are you still going to cut them open when I bring them?

    3) Would you allow spell packet archery if in exchange for doing so the damage was regular damage and not body damage?


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    Re: Archery questions

    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:30 pm

    Draw weight allowed is no more than 25#.

    We will not cut a pre-made latex arrows. If you purchase premade boffer arrows, yes we will. Too much can go wrong with a pre-made boffer arrow.

    Spell packet archery is not allowed.


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    Re: Archery questions

    Post by Lythalion on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:46 pm

    1)What are your rules for point blank archery?

    In most games that have actual archery vs. spell packet, archers are generally treated like the quarterback of the larp.

    hitting the bow can be extremely dangerous to the attacker and the defender.

    So most games allow you to call "Point blank" and do your base damage without loosing an arrow at point blank range which can also be dangerous for both attack and defender.

    Also, whether loose or strict, there is usually some sort of rule about how to or to not attack someone wielding a real bow. Obviously not hitting the bow is one, and the archer should never try to block a hit with the bow in turn.
    But sometimes they have more specific rules about charge, swinging etc...

    What are your rules involving these types of instances?

    2) If I get closed in on, can I keep my bow in my left hand and draw a side arm to defend myself? or do I have to drop the bow?

    3) Are there rules in place to prevent people from trying to gain a combat advantage on an archer by essentially being an OOG jerk. Such as picking up arrows and tossing them into the woods after they get shot.

    4) Can you bat away arrows with your weapons when they are shot at you? if someone does this do they take the damage like with a spell packet/spell?

    5)This one is just curiosity. All other weapon spheres when you prof them they effect every weapon in the sphere. Ranged prof makes you choose thrown or bow. Considering thrown weapons are difficult to fight with an expensive to maintain, I was actually thinking it would be the opposite. It would be a cheaper weapon skill and cheaper to prof. Instead it is more expensive. I was wondering if you could elaborate on why.


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    Re: Archery questions

    Post by Warrior on Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:02 am

    On the topic of ranged weapons, I'd like to suggest adding Ranged Critical Strike that works for thrown and bow.

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    Re: Archery questions

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